Save Money By Using Collected Rainwater for The Holidays

Save Money By Using Collected Rainwater for The Holidays
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The holidays are just around the corner! And for folks around the country, it signifies the start of a season filled with family, friends, and plenty of food.

Do you regularly tackle the role of hosting relatives and friends during the wintertime holidays? You are probably all too familiar with the uptick in your utility bills that comes with this influx of houseguests and activity.

Luckily, if you have or are investing in a rainwater harvesting system, there are ways to mitigate these extra utility costs. This way you can focus on having a great time instead. It will give you plenty of funds leftover to stock up on Christmas presents!

Here’s a closer look at just some of the ways you can conserve water – and money – as the holidays are in full swing.


Five Ways to Use Harvested Rainwater During the Holidays

1. Cooking

Rainwater can be used for all of your cooking needs throughout the holidays. You can have it on hand for washing your fresh veggies and even boiling those mashed potatoes.

And the best part is you won’t have to worry about the “hard water” taste seeping into your dishes. The key is to have a clean roof, a well-designed storage tank, and a solid filtration system in place, to ensure all your cooking endeavors are free of any potential contamination.


2. Cleaning

If you have visitors on the horizon, then you know you also have some heavy-duty cleaning ahead to make your home welcoming to friends and relatives alike (and especially the in-laws).

So use your harvested rainwater to tackle those big housecleaning projects, from mopping and washing the floors, to power washing the outdoor decks and patios.


3. Flushing toilets

With more houseguests comes more bathroom use. But you can reduce the wear and tear on your bathroom-related bills by using harvested rainwater for your toilets, washing machine, and other appliances or fixtures that regularly dispose of waste water.

You can even use a septic system along with rainwater harvesting for better waste disposal and helping the environment. See our new septic tanks here.


4. Landscaping

A welcoming exterior sets the tone for a welcoming environment for the holidays. And there are all sorts of natural landscaping additions that add a dash of color for the season.

Load up on potted camellias and poinsettias, pansies, violas, and other annuals that provide a little winter color, and use your harvested rainwater to keep them fresh and vibrant-looking all season long.

Best of all, because rainwater is naturally free of the contaminants and sediments that linger in your soil, your landscaping touches will receive the freshest water possible. And this will help them bloom and thrive at their best!


5. Fire Prevention

The risks for a household fire naturally go up during the holidays. There are more people at the home, more cooking involved, and more chances for accidents to happen – like attempting to deep fry a turkey for the very first time.

But by having harvested rainwater at hand, you can rest easy that you have an extra resource when it comes to fire safety.


The holidays can be a costly season, to be sure, but those expenses don’t have to include your utility bills! By using your harvested rainwater, you’ll be able to enjoy a financially stress-free holiday. But as far as the many family gatherings to juggle, we wish you luck!


Ready to start your rainwater harvesting journey? We can help! Contact us to begin and to find the right tank for your needs.

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Save Money By Using Collected Rainwater for The Holidays
The holidays can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to impact your utility bills! Read on for how to decrease your water usage and costs this holiday season.
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