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Whether you’re stocking chemicals to be used in your drilling efforts, storing water for cooling machinery, or collecting used liquids for reuse or disposal, Rotoplas has a superior line of tank made specifically for the Oil Field. Rotoplas uses the highest grade high density virgin Polyethylene that can be utilized in virtually every stage of drilling, pumping or transport of your frac-fluids or any other necessary chemicals to ensure a safe and more productive extraction.

After years of research and testing tanks that have been on-site for over 15 year in service, Rotoplas has refined the OFPG line of tanks to offer extremely competitive pricing and safety with a design that has a proven track record without a single failure when used as directed.  We are so sure of our quality of our Oil Field tanks, we provide a 6 year warranty when used as directed (please see our catalog for details).

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Our versatile tanks are certified by major compliance
organizations for every industry.

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