The Professions that Need Storage Tanks

Think that a liquid storage system is only for farmers and ranchers? Think again.

As professionals and business owners across the globe create more eco-conscious operations, a solidly build liquid storage tank becomes a necessity for a wide range of endeavors.

And considering that modern storage tanks come in virtually all sizes and shapes. They range from 200 gallon units for a home garden to 12,000 gallon tanks for large scale jobs. Today’s tanks adapt more than ever before to suit a wide range of purposes.

So what kind of professions and businesses can benefit from implementing a storage tank? Some of the many answers to this question may surprise you.

Who Can Use a Storage Tank?

Construction Businesses

Contractors who work on building, renovating, and repairing homes can get the job done faster – and better – with a storage tank.

For example, pressure washer businesses can rely on a portable or backpack-style tank to have a steady stream of water available. Construction crews might use water tanks on the job for mixing materials and chemicals.

When partnered with unique storage options like AquaTech™ tanks, these small business owners can also save money in the long run. Especially if they conserve rainwater (free!) for water supply, they will cut back on utility bills over time.



Plumbers deal with toxic and corrosive chemicals on a daily basis. It’s essential to keep these materials safe.

They would need liquid storage for servicing septic tanks, drainage fields, and applying smaller amounts of solutions for targeted issues. Plumbers can easily benefit from a durable and easy-to-transport storage system for these sensitive solutions.

ChemTech™ Tanks do just that. They are designed to last and safely hold toxic liquids for the long term.


“Green” Businesses

More and more restaurant owners have embraced the Farm to Table movement. This means that restaurants, markets, and specialty stores are looking for food sources close to home.

This also means a number of eateries grow their own produce either in on-site garden or in a nearby farm. An innovative water tank can help with this endeavor to provide a clean and eco-friendly water source for the crops.


Oil, Gas, and Well Drilling Operations

When it comes to drilling, safety is always key. Drilling has the potential to effect the environment for years. Storage solutions would keep the jobsite – and the overall area – safe throughout.

Large and durable tanks can help drilling operations safely handle highly flammable materials like crude oil or natural gas. This will ensure solid production flow and speed for an optimal operation.

Meanwhile, a storage tank for water assists with cooling equipment and machinery. A tank can also act as a well to provide a safe supply of water for any property.


Property Managers and Rental Property Owners

When it comes to attracting tenants, curb appeal is key.

Property managers and owners who rent (vacation homes, condominium or townhome complexes, apartments) want to make their properties a beautiful place to live to attract new tenants.

With a water and / or agricultural tank, property managers can ensure the grounds of their property will have beautiful landscape all year long.


Retailers and Small Business Owners

Like property managers, a stunning lawn and exterior attracts business and encourages customers to pause and take a second look.

From office complexes, to shopping plazas, to small rural stores (like gardening centers or gift shops), a beautiful exterior goes a long way in bringing business.

And when it comes to brightening up your storefront, a gorgeous outdoor display all begins with a steady water supply.


Pest Professionals, Nurseries, Growers, and More

If your work is remotely related to the great outdoors, chances are that having regular and fresh water is key in the success of your business.

This is why water tanks are used by a variety of outdoor-based businesses, such as nurseries, and even related industries, like pest management.

A liquid storage system can help with virtually any kind of business where a little time outside is all but required. So ensure success of your business by examining how a storage system can benefit your bottom line, for many years to come.

Can you tell us ways a storage tank might help you?

Let us know in the comments below!

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The Professions that Need Storage Tanks
Who needs a reliable liquid storage tank? As it turns out, there are a myriad of professions that can benefit from a modern liquid storage system.

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