Need Gifts for the Gardener Planning for Spring?

Winter is in full swing. But for gardeners around the country, there’s always time to start planning for the upcoming warm weather and another successful planting season. In fact, the winter months are when many dedicated gardeners take stock of what they need to purchase and repurpose. This is when they get a jump start before spring arrives, when they can finally get their hands dirty.

Even if you aren’t daydreaming about springtime blooms and cool-weather vegetables, chances are you have a gardener in your life that will appreciate a green gift this holiday season. As such, there are plenty of unique presents out there that you can buy and gift now.

Are you ready to start planning for the upcoming spring gardening season? Or maybe you just need a little inspiration on holiday gifts for the garden-lovers in your life?

Consider getting the following items to ensure a fruitful season once the cold weather clears, and spring is in full bloom.


Great Gifts for the Gardner in Your Life

Rainwater harvesting system

If you want your 2019 gardening season to be your best one ever, consider enlisting a rainwater harvesting system. Multiple studies have found that vegetable plants, flowers, shrubs, and vegetation of all varieties perform much better when they are watered with harvested rainwater. This is because there are less contaminants affecting the quality of the water itself.

With rainwater harvesting, the water pours directly from the sky to your roof, and into a durable storage tank. And with no contact with the ground, your well, or your municipal water supply, the water is less prone to deliver excess materials. These salts, minerals, and chemicals can affect the health of your plants.

With modern tanks and rainwater systems easy to install and use, a rainwater harvesting system is a great investment – or a great gift. It can save money on water bills, while providing a more vibrant garden for years to come.

For more information on rainwater harvesting, read this past post.


Seed Starter Kits

Many gardeners crave a little green in the dead of winter, and they can enjoy gardening on a smaller scale with seed starter kits.

Seed starter kits can come in a wide variety of forms. There are inexpensive plastic containers with sod, and even more environmentally-friendly peat pots. And they allow gardeners to get a head start on the vegetables, flowers, and other plants that will make their way into the garden once the ground starts to thaw.

Best of all, starting plants from seed can save money in the long run, and is a fun activity that gardeners of all ages can enjoy. Nicely budget friendly, seed starter kits can be a fun stocking stuffer, or an easy purchase to enjoy a little gardening well before the spring arrives.



Never underestimate the importance of mulch, especially when it comes to planting flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables in the early spring, before all the big frosts are gone for the year.

A layer of mulch on your garden or landscaping beds can allow you to plant vegetation earlier in the year. This is because it provides an extra layer of warmth that your newly planted or young veggies and flowers require to thrive in the first weeks of spring.


Black Cloth and Landscaping Material

If you have trees or vegetation that don’t like the cold, or if you just want to protect any newly planted fall additions, a little black cloth can go a long way.

You can use black cloth for many plants.

It can be:

  • wrapped around the trunks of less cold-tolerant trees, (like palm trees)
  • added to the base of shrubs
  • used as a primary layer in gardens to both maintain warmth, and block weeds


Cold Weather Veggies

Already craving fresh produce, and want to play in the dirt?

There are options available, especially for warmer corners of the country.

Cold weather vegetable plants can often be planted in the late winter for an early spring harvest. They can even survive frost and other cooler weather conditions that plague summertime crops.

Opt for root vegetables like onions, garlic, sweet potatoes and shallots, which grow deep underground. Or even try growing some hardy greens, like collards and cabbage, which can live through cooler temperatures with ease.


The wintertime is certainly the most dormant season for gardeners all across the country, but it doesn’t have to be! With lots of projects to tackle all season long, gardeners can enjoy plenty of time in the dirt this winter – just on a slightly smaller scale.

So start making your springtime preparations now, (or just get a few gifts that the gardeners in your life will truly appreciate), and start gearing up for your best growing season yet.


Ready to start your rainwater harvesting journey? Contact us and we’ll help you find the right tank for your needs, and answer your questions about rainwater harvesting systems.

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Need Gifts for the Gardener Planning for Spring?
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