The Joys of Farming – Why “Farm to Table” Should be a Homegrown Operation

“Farm to Table” has certainly become a buzz phrase in the last few years. Restaurants across the country are embracing the practice of using locally grown vegetables and proteins to brighten America’s cuisine.

But you don’t have to go out for a fancy meal to enjoy the benefits of the Farm to Table movement. It’s an undertaking you can duplicate at home. All you need is a corner of decent land, a solid watering system, and your favorite vegetable seeds.

If you’ve thought about growing your own veggies and fruits to enjoy throughout the season, you’ve taken the first step. There is a cornucopia of reasons why going green may be the best “hobby” your family shares for years to come.

Five Reasons Why Growing Your Own Is Best

1. It’s the Healthiest Way to Go

Frozen and canned vegetables lose their nutrients faster than fresh ones. Canned foods in particular often require extra ingredients to keep them edible for months or years at a time.

Take a look at a can of your favorite vegetable or fruit. You may be surprised to see extra contents like preservatives, sodium, or even extra sugar! With fresh produce, you know the content of what you’re eating from the start.

2. It Saves Money – in More Ways than One

Yes, fresh vegetables will be cheaper to grow at home than to purchase at a specialty grocer or even a farmer’s market. But by growing your own fruits and veggies, you’ll save money across the board. The best part is no need to wonder if yours is really organic!

A rainwater harvesting system can help out your water bills for the long term– while saving extra funds on gas to the grocery store or dining out for Farm to Table fare. All these little items can add up over time.

3. It’s a Family Affair

Growing a garden is a wonderful way for kids to learn so many skills and lessons to last a lifetime: work ethic and patience; the joys of being outside; and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Add the great taste of fresh produce, and you get all these values complimentary when you make gardening a family endeavor!

4. It Helps Your Kids, and Your Grandkids, and Your Neighbor’s Grandkids

Water is becoming scare across the globe. Considering that most vegetables at the supermarket come from industrialized operations, growing your own food can do a world of good for the environment on a small scale.

Coupled with a rainwater storage system, you can make a dent in what is rapidly becoming a worldwide problem.

5. It Gets You Closer to Your Food Source

99.5% of Americans do not know from where their last meal came. Studies have shown that people have never been so removed from the source of their foods in the course of human history.

Do you know where those fruits and vegetables you ate were grown, or how they were picked, or canned? If you grow your own, you’ll know the exact source of your food, which researchers say is a cornerstone to eating well.

A garden accomplishes a number of goals. It can be a relaxing hobby, a way to save money on amazingly fresh fare, a way to brighten up your diet, and it can be a fun endeavor for family members of all ages.

So bring the Farm to Table movement to you! Taste how fresh and delicious a homegrown gardening operation can be.

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The Joys of Farming – Why “Farm to Table” Should be a Homegrown Operation
Love Farm to Table veggies and fruits? It’s easy to bring this global movement close to home by growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables.

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