How to Live off the Grid – and Save Money Along the Way!

In a hectic world, it’s often tempting to daydream about having a quiet and isolated slice of land to call your own. Remote cabins in the mountains, woods, or even along the coastline on pristine barrier islands have skyrocketed in popularity. Over the years, more folks choose to have a vacation or even full-time residence that is refreshingly miles away from the rest of the world.

Do you want to fulfill a dream of living in the middle of nowhere? Can you even reduce your utility bills to a few dollars a month in the process? If so, do you know where do you start?

Creating a home that has everything a modern family needs, without easy access to municipal utilities, can be a challenging process.

How should you set up your waste management system, your power, and your water when all of these necessities may not be readily available?

You may be surprised to learn that with the wave of new interest in living off the grid comes new technology. This makes living in a remote destination easier. From rain harvesting systems to alternative energy systems, here are the tools available to help you no matter where you plant your roots.


Modern Ways to Live in the Middle of Nowhere

Options for Water Off the Grid

When it comes to collecting and using water in areas with no municipal water supply, a rainwater harvesting system is your best resource. Rainwater harvesting systems rely on your roof to catch, filter and collect rain. This water can be used for a wide array of purposes – from gardening to cleaning. There are even filters and attachments available so that you can use it for drinking!

There are all sorts of additional benefits to using a rainwater harvesting system, too. For one thing, your water supply is as fresh as possible. It does not come into any contact with contaminants or minerals in the ground.

For another, it reduces or even eliminates water bills. And it even helps prevent stormwater and heavy rains from impacting your property by catching excess water before it touches the ground.

Check out more information about rainwater harvesting systems here.


Options for Energy Off the Grid

Alternative energy is becoming more normal, and more readily available. Americans are becoming more eco-conscious and more attentive to their potential impact on the environment.

Today, solar energy systems are becoming cheaper than ever. And wind energy systems are now able to power your home, your vehicle, or even your entire community.

Look into home and property designs that use either (or even both) of these alternative energy systems to minimize your reliance on traditional power lines. With so many options when it comes to energy, having access to electricity in remote areas is steadily becoming easier.


Options for Waste Management Off the Grid

When it comes to waste management in isolated locations, it all boils down to a septic system. A septic system, as opposed to a sewer system, is built for one property. And it is underground. So when waste leaves the home, it is filtered in the tank, then travels into an outlying and underground drainage field.

It used to be a challenge to install a septic tank in an out-of-the-way locale, as heavy concrete tanks required special equipment to transport and install.

But today, there are lightweight septic tanks available that are easy to carry to even the most isolated locations. Look for a modern tank made of light but highly durable materials for easy installation and implementation, no matter how far away you live.

See our septic tanks here.


The world has come a long way when it comes to environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional power, water, and waste management. And folks who have been dreaming about living off the grid will find that there are plenty of options. From septic tanks, to new power sources, it’s no longer a challenge to find a peaceful piece of the globe to call your own.

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How to Live off the Grid – and Save Money Along the Way!
Have you ever dreamed about living off the grid? With new advances in water, power, and waste management, it may not be as hard as you’d think!

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