How to Get Kids Excited About Rainwater Harvesting

School may be back in session, but there are plenty of opportunities for kids to keep learning at home, especially when it comes to eco-conscious projects that can benefit the entire family. And what is more eco-friendly than rainwater harvesting!

Rainwater harvesting is rapidly becoming a popular endeavor for families all across the country. And it’s an important movement that can have long-term benefits for generations. With a global shortage of fresh and clean water, installing a rainwater harvesting system can do a world of good for both your water bills, your community, and the environment in general.

And when it comes to planning, setting up, and using your rainwater harvesting system, getting the kids involved can be a great lesson in green living. Not only will kids learn to appreciate the new system, but they can also learn quite a bit about how to take green steps to ensure a healthier and better world.

So how do you get the kids involved when plotting a new rainwater harvesting system?

Here are a few tips to get your family-oriented rainwater-harvesting project off the ground.

Involving The Kids In Your Family’s Rainwater Harvesting Journey

Ask for their input from the get-go

Kids will be on board with the project if they have ample input right off the bat.

Ask them to help you calculate how much water your family uses to determine the size of your liquid storage tank. Then, ask them to help you find a location for your new rainwater harvesting system.

By including them from the start, kids will instantly feel like they are a part of and responsible for the overall outcome of the project.

Have older kids put in your calculations here to find a tank that suits your family’s needs!


Make a list of how rainwater harvesting will help

Talk in age-appropriate terms about why a rainwater-harvesting project is important, and how it can help your local and global environment.

By stressing the importance of water conservation on both a small and worldwide scale, kids will be invested in the project. They’ll know they’re doing something that will make their home and community a better, and greener place.


Have them help you set up your new system

When you receive your liquid storage tank and rainwater-harvesting kit, set up is relatively easy. So, let the kids lend a hand!

From installing the filters, to maintenance after the system is installed, kids can easily help. Teaching them to build the system from the ground up and maintain it will also teach them responsibility. They will then be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor even more.


Encourage them to share their initiative

Whether it’s for a school science fair or for a general “show and tell” session, kids can take what they learned at home back to the classroom. If possible, enlist the teacher’s help as well to spread the word about rainwater harvesting’s benefits.


Let the kids reap the rewards

Once your rainwater harvesting system is installed, you’ll see a nice return on your investment with your first few water bills.

And if the kids have helped plan and install your new system, let them also enjoy the rewards!

Use the extra funds for a fun activity, or even a special treat. This way your kids will feel extra good about what they have helped accomplish.

After all, by assisting with your rainwater harvesting system, they have helped take a green step forward while saving money for the whole family.


Do you have questions before you begin? See how rainwater harvesting works here. Then contact us when you are ready:

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How to Get Kids Excited About Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting is an endeavor that can bring families together. Here are ideas on how to turn it into a learning opportunity for the whole family.

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