How a Storage Tank Works With the Food and Beverage Industry

Many folks are surprised to learn just how versatile our Rotoplas tanks can be. Our ChemTech™ tanks work in all corners of the manufacturing industry, from textiles to pharmaceuticals. And our AquaTech™ tanks are instrumental in farming, ranching, and even home rainwater harvesting endeavors.

And one industry in particular that can benefit greatly from safe and reliable storage is the food and beverage realm. This multi-faceted industry includes everything from local home-grown breweries to large-scale food manufacturers.

Here’s a closer look at how a dependable storage system can boost this unique type of business.


The Benefits of Our Storage Tanks for the Food and Beverage Industry

Better transportation

Whether you need to take your raw materials to your processing plant or workshop, or need to take your end product to a farmer’s market or chains of restaurants, a reliable storage tank can help make the journey an easy venture.

Our storage tanks are designed to be both durable as well as lightweight. Hence you can easily secure and transport either ingredients or a finished product without the worry of possible impacts along the way, or requiring special equipment to make the move.

Best of all, with a wide array of sizes, you can invest in a tank that suits the scope of your business – from homegrown operations, to growing large-scale companies.


Keeping your dry and raw materials fresh

In the food and beverage industry, freshness is key. You need the ability to store and maintain the quality of all of your edible ingredients, to ensure that the end product lives up to your expectations.

And this is where a well-built storage tank can provide ample peace of mind.

Though most commonly used for liquids, durable storage tanks can hold both dry and wet ingredients, such as:

  • Hops for a local brewery
  • Yeast and flour for a bakery
  • Syrups that are used in a food processing plant

With a years-long warranty, you can rest assured that your large quantities of ingredients can stay fresh and ready to use whenever necessary.


Continual safe storage

Safety should always be at the forefront of the food and beverage industry, as the general public will eventually consume the end product.

And the same properties that keep your ingredients fresh for the long term, regardless of their exact make-up, are the same properties that keep them safe from contamination as well.

Layers of our tanks’ sanitary material protect delicate liquids from algae growth and spoiling from UV rays. As for dry ingredients, this material protects them from pests and other unexpected factors that can ruin your food supply.

As a result, you can rest assured that the ingredients you are using remain safe for consumption from the start, well before your end product hits the market.


Accommodating businesses of all sizes

Another benefit of utilizing an AquaTech™ or ChemTech™ tank is that you have a wide array of options right off the bat.

When it comes to food and beverage manufacturing, no two businesses are exactly alike. So the tank you invest in should reflect your size, your needs, and your expected growth down the road.

From 200 gallons of storage space to 10,000 gallons or even more, you’ll find that you have a wide selection when it comes to variety. Plus, you will have the opportunity to select and invest in the tank that fits your business model, as well as your future ambitions.

Check out some tank ideas here:


An affordable way to operate – for now, and for years to come

Unlike bulky metal or concrete storage containers, which can be a big expense for your business, lightweight Rotoplas storage tanks are affordable across the board. Well-designed and adaptable to all sorts of businesses, an AquaTech™ or ChemTech™ tank is a solid investment to use for years while providing plenty of safe storage along the way.

Speaking of your business, there are more ways to save money. Harvesting fresh rainwater with our tanks is a breeze. Check out our recent blog post on how rainwater harvesting helps your business:


Interested in learning more?

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