Four Environmentally-Friendly Uses for Collected Rainwater

If you have invested in rainwater harvesting, then you are already taking a huge step forward in making a cleaner and greener environment. Rainwater harvesting can save thousands of gallons and hundreds of dollars. You can use the water on common household tasks such as washing the car, doing laundry, flushing toilets, or other activities in and around the house.

Do you want to further your green initiative, and find new uses for your collected rainwater? You’ll find that with just a little ingenuity, the possibilities are endless.

Today, rainwater harvesting is becoming more popular around the globe. And it is fostering a myriad of new features and add-ons readily available to expand the spectrum of your use. Therefore, you can create even more environmentally friendly ways to save water – and money – with your rainwater harvesting system.

Ready to go even greener? Then start by considering these simple ways that rainwater can further help your local environment.


Using Harvested Rainwater

1. Composting

Regardless of the material you use for your composting efforts, there’s one thing you’ll always need: water.

Water is essential in order for your composted materials to properly decompose, so use your harvested rainwater to keep the process going smoothly.

Just be sure you have a good filter system in place if you plan to use your compost for your veggie garden, as that water will eventually be transferred to the fresh fare that you consume.


2. Gardening

A vegetable garden is a wonderful addition to any family home!

Not only does it give kids a far-reaching education on nutrition, (while allowing them to literally enjoy the fruits of their labor), but it also ensures your dinner table is a healthier, more flavorful place to be.

So use your rainwater to water and tend to your vegetable garden, and enjoy saving ample money on your utility bills along the way. Like composting, just be sure you have exceptional filters in place to ensure your fruits or veggies are clean, fresh, and ready to eat.


3. Feeding Wildlife

Want to attract more wildlife to your yard? Then use your harvested rainwater!

Rainwater can be used for bird baths, troughs, ponds, and other water features that can attract species of all varieties close to home. And with the proper filters, you can even use it for your pets or livestock as well.


4. Fire Prevention

A house fire can spread quickly across a neighborhood, especially in remote or rural areas that are close to dense forests or fields.

The good news is that if you have a rainwater harvesting system, you can boost your fire prevention efforts simply by installing a pump with easy accessibility in case of emergency. Your rainwater will provide extra peace of mind when it comes to fire safety. But it can also help ensure that the fire doesn’t spread, causing wider devastation.


Remember that if you are in the early stages of setting up your rainwater harvesting system, your first step should be to invest in a good tank. With a quality liquid storage tank like our Rotoplas Aquatech™ tanks, your rainwater can remain fresh and contaminant free. And you can continue to make a positive green impact in the years to come.


To find out more about our tanks and using additions such as filters, contact us today!


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Four Environmentally-Friendly Uses for Collected Rainwater
Going green with a rainwater harvesting system? Check out how you can make an even bigger environmental impact with your collected rainwater.

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