FAQs about NSF – What is it, and why is it important for your water tank?

If you are doing your preliminary research for the purchase of a new water storage tank, you may have come across the acronym NSF.

When it comes to water tanks, these three letters may be more important than you realize.

So what is NSF?

And why is it essential for a water tank?

Here’s a primer on the basics of NSF and what you need to know about this essential designation.


What is NSF?

NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation, which creates the guidelines and standards for water storage tanks and systems.

The NSF issues certifications to certain water tank companies (like Rotoplas) to indicate that the products meets public health and safety standards.


Is NSF Certification Important?

NSF certification is very important!

The NSF is one of the most respected independent storage tank testing organizations in the world. The organization ensures the safety of millions of people.

A NSF certification means that your storage tank is safe in a myriad of ways – both for your personal use and / or consumption, as well as on a broader scale.

For example, because the NSF reviews the companies that produce these products from the ground up, you can guarantee that your tank is sanitary and “green”. The NSF certification ensures that companies like ours create water tanks in a safe and environmentally responsible environment.


What Does It Take to Earn a NSF Certification?

There are a number of steps that companies must take to earn a NSF certification:

  • A thorough and yearly inspection of the company’s manufacturing site to ensure that the materials, as well as the process, meets safety standards.
  • A yearly test of samples from all of the finished products themselves to ensure that any water or liquids stored in them are safe from contamination.
  • A yearly verification of the chemical composition material that comes in contact with the water, to ensure it’s also safe.


How Do I Know If My Water Tank Has Been NSF Certified?

Look for the signs!

Many water storage tanks have a NSF certification sticker or other designation. Companies will often list this designation in their product description(s) as well.

You can also go online to the NSF website to find certified products and systems that have the NSF’s seal of approval. The address is http://www.nsf.org/certified-products-systems.


What Are the Benefits of Buying NSF-approved Tanks?

NSF approved tanks provide years of peace of mind.

Essentially, this designation means that the product you are buying is highest quality and built to last. Your tank has been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe to use – regardless of size or ambition.

Look for the NSF designation, or check on the NSF’s website. In doing so you’re taking an extra step to make sure that your valuable supply of water remains safe for your family, your business, and for the environment in general.

Do you have questions about your storage tank or are looking to invest in one? Ask us in the comments below, or contact us anytime!


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FAQs about NSF – What is it, and why is it important for your water tank?
What is NSF and why is it important for your water tank? Here’s some FAQs and a look at everything you need to know about this essential certification.

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