Why the Best Liquid Storage Solutions Have Multiple Layers

You may have already heard or read about our innovative tri-layer tank, and we’re proud to admit this technology sets us apart from the rest.

Our AquaTech™ Tanks are the only water storage tanks on the market with three layers of high-density polyethylene. We’ve found the layering of materials is a key component for containing and transporting liquids of all varieties and uses.

But many newcomers may wonder why layering is important – does layering affect the quality of the contents and the longevity of the tank? does it decrease the risks of contamination?

The short answer to these questions is “Yes, and all of the above.” Let’s take a closer look at how layering works to protect and enhance your operations and storage needs.

Three Layers for the Highest Quality

  • The First Layer

The first layer in our Aqua Tanks is the innermost white layer. This is an in-house development that is antibacterial coated which prevents the growth of algae in your water supply. In addition, the white layer makes monitoring levels easy, without having to disturb the contents.

  • The Middle Layer

The middle layer is comprised of a solid foam structure that has the composition and rigidity of a honeycomb. This unique design makes it lighter and easier to move, while also making it more durable and resistant to impact – a must when transportation is key to the success of your business.

The other way this layer stands out is the color. This black middle layer prevents light from getting in, further protecting against the growth of algae.

  • The Top Layer

The top layer in our Aqua Tanks serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. The neutral color fits in with any landscape without creating a scene – in a residential backyard or on the edge of a farm or ranch. In addition to a pleasing design this layer is the third protection against contamination, as it features UV coated resins to block out the sunlight, keeping the water inside clean and protected.

Regardless of whether you opt for a vertical or horizontal design, having multiple layers essentially translates to multiple forms of protection.

When you use a tank that doesn’t have this added protection, it can be more susceptible to the outside and unforeseen factors that can damage your supply.

Algae contamination is arguably one of the biggest causes of concern for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, and homeowners. But there can be other events that throw a wrench in the works of an otherwise streamlined operation: A natural disaster, an issue with transporting the container, or an unexpected impact can all damage your investment, causing hours or even days of lost productivity.

A healthy water supply that is unaffected by the elements and unforeseen surprises is essential for the health of your business. The more protection you have around your tank, the more reliable your storage unit will be.

So stick with a durable and reliable investment that will stand the test of time, and be sure that layers are an integral part of your storage tank.

Do you have questions about our innovative technology for storage water tanks? Ask us now!

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Why the Best Liquid Storage Solutions Have Multiple Layers
Why are layers important when it comes to storage? Take a look at the layers’ job in protecting your tank - and your water supply - for the long haul.

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